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What should I do if my WhatsApp account has been hacked?

At present, most of the people are interested to use WhatsApp because of its fantastic features to communicate with their friends. WhatsApp account is fully encrypted but technology has improved a lot so it could be hacked by someone.

Once your WhatsApp account has hacked the hacker might take your all important data’s, when you came on online you can see many unwanted activities done on your account. At the same time, they can access your WhatsApp data like registering your number on another device or WhatsApp web.

Actually WhatsApp might not work on two phone at same time but hackers can get hold of all chats like personal data if register it on another device.

Things to know about WhatsApp spy

According to the studies says that hacker might easily and quickly scan your WhatsApp QR code and access WhatsApp conversation from across the world. Hackers are required physical access of your phone in order to access QR code. Suppose you know that WhatsApp web is active on the unknown device then you can go to three dots which are given at top menu bar of WhatsApp window.

Just go to WhatsApp site and check the directory of all open session which might allow you to see all devices which are connected for your WhatsApp. In case you are seeing message that your phone could not be verified which means that your WhatsApp could be accessed by unknown device.

Tons of the third party software is available on web which is used by the hackers to sniff at your WhatsApp conversations. If you are looking to prevent your WhatsApp from getting hacked then you can follow below tips such as

  • Log out from all computers which you might see in list under WhatsApp web and it might stop hackers from reading your chat.
  • You must not leave your phone unattended while you are out
  • Avoid to connect your phone to the unknown wifi connections because hacker might use unique mac address for accessing all your WhatsApp chats
  • Suppose your mobile is already hacked then deactivate your account by emailing at Your account could be automatically deleted when it is not accessed for 30 days
  • Try to allow 2 step confirmation under WhatsApp account settings which might extra layer of the security over app

Massive information about Spy WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp web is web based version of famous messaging app and it allows users to chat with each other through website. This kind of the service is automatically syncs with your phone so you might see all messages on both computer and phone.

WhatsApp web and WhatsApp has been considered as the safe. If you are following safety tips then you can easily get rid of from WhatsApp hack. You can also take advantage on the two factor verification system. Once your account has been hacked then you can get help from WhatsApp support team to deactivate your WhatsApp account properly that is useful to you.

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